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Pioneering Production of Tasmanian Essential Oils


To Sustainably Grow The Most Pure Essential Oil In The World

From Seed to Soil to Oil, Bush Pharmacy obsesses over every detail of the plant life cycle. From hand planting every seed to recycling distillation by-products as natural mulch for the crops, we are dedicated to partnering with the pristine nature around us to create oil unsurpassed in purity and quality. 

Our Mission

One With Nature, Uncompromisingly Sustainable

Pioneering Production of Tasmanian Natives 

5 Oils 

Hand Grown & Distilled

400 Acres

Under Plantation

Kunzea Oil kunzea ambigua

Southern Rosalina Oil melaleuca ericifolia

Southern Scoparium Oil leptospermum scoparium

Coastal Tea Tree Oil leptospermum laevigatum

Tasmanian Blue Gum Oil eucalyptus globulus true origin

Heritage Facilitation 

With very broad and far reaching relationships across the globe, Bush Pharmacy has been facilitating natural goods from ethical, sustainable and traceable producers for decades. 


Tea Tree Oil melaleuca alternifolia


Organic Tea Tree Oil melaleuca alternifolia


Organic Beeswax

Tasmanian Essential Oils



Years In The Making

With over 30 years of experience in the essential oils industry, Stephan arrived on Flinders Island in 2015 with just a homemade small batch distillery and a vision. 

Fast forward nearly nine years and 1.5 million seedlings later, Bush Pharmacy has grown to Tasmania's largest exporter of Essentials oils and one of the largest producers of Kunzea oil in the world. 


Looking to the future, Stephan's eldest son Ben, will carry this legacy forward with an environmental and community focused approach to sustainable farming.  


There Is Something In the Water Here.

Our plants are born into one of the last most pristine and untouched landscape left on earth. They breathe pure air from this remote island hideaway and the oil is steam distilled using water from an underground spring. Even the by-product of the process forms the base for our natural fertiliser used to raise the next generation of growth for harvest. 



Our Plans

"While sticking to our core values of quality and sustainability, Bush pharmacy will continue that pursuit of progression. Refining genetics, seed selecting, propagating, planting, distilling. To get our hands dirty with the maturing of our by-product to have more compost like qualities to feed back to our farm, working with other business to use their waste to reduce the islands footprint and increase our bio-dynamic value. "


and beyond

Let's Collaborate


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